My Husband’s Diet

During a recent doctor’s visit, my husband was told he needed to lose weight. This is especially important because his family has a history of type two Diabetes. I certainly don’t want him to come down with that and he really dreads the idea of poking himself with a needle of insulin. So I need to help him with his weight loss program.

He is a coffee drinker, which is okay because he does not load his coffee down with sugar or any other sweetener. But he needs to change his diet and maybe a dietary supplement would help. That is where something like a pure green coffee bean extract could help. What I did not know is that coffee beans are naturally green! The reason coffee beans that we normally buy are brown is because they have been roasted.

What benefits might my husband derive from taking a pure green coffee bean extract? Reportedly, it can inhibit the absorption of fat contained in our food and help activate our fat burning metabolism. When it comes to food, of course I will make sure he gets no foods high in carbohydrates (that means more rice for me and the kids) and of course if he wants a desert it will have to be fruit not cake, pie or ice cream or more traditional foods. So between an all-natural supplement and a change in diet I think we can help him lose some “tonnage.”

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