We Had A Fine Lunch At Bigoli

Yesterday Jm and I together with my friend and her daughter went to Trinoma to window shop. I also need to buy my eldest daughter a school bag so we went with them. We arrived there at 10:00 a.m., we didn’t notice the time until my tummy is growling for lunch already. We wonder around and we saw the Bigoli Restaurant, they served Italian dishes and so I ordered the Piccato Pork with the Italian rice.

The dish was good but my eldest daughter doesn’t seem like the rice she said she preferred the plain rice than of what I ordered for her. Oh well she doesn’t have any options but to finish what I bought for her, in the first place she didn’t went to the counter to choose what she likes, she just let me ordered for her.

Although she seems like she did not enjoyed her food at all, they still pressed the buzzer. That was the signal that they had a good time, they were surprised of the staff’s reaction. They clapped their hand and said like gracias or something like that. LOL

Anyway Bigoli is almost the same with Italianis but they were the not so expensive version.

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  1. tried their pasta & pizza and it was good! 😀

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