The Guy At The Pizza Bar

We went to Zed last night, my friends and I were laughing and giggling while listening to a person who sang in their videoke when suddenly I was able to glance this man in the counter and suddenly made a wink at me. I know he was drunk, he was smiling at us and I could really feel he wanted to sit where we were seated. My friends and I only had one drink and it was too light, I ordered pizza for my kids that’s why we dropped there at Zed pizza bar, my friend who really loves to sing decided to sit down in a moment for her to sing but then when that person seems like wanted to get near to us, we decided that after she sang we would get our bill and go. Later when we went out already and went to another counter, we found out that the guy grabbed the hands of a staff but the lady staff told her if you won’t let go, I will call the guard and so the guy stopped.

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