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Desserts At Lunch In Day Tour

Upon day tour, one complimentary that we can get is the free lunch. But I was still full with the breakfast we had that morning so at lunch I just ate a little rice and some crabs then after that I headed to where the desserts were located and one of the desserts that I took was with the picture below.


But after the first batch of dessert, I went there again and took some fruits. Geez I really had a blast and was so full. Tsk, tsk, tsk…

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No Pizza Policy

My husband loves Pizza and so are my kids. But when he blurted me the news that he could no longer eat pizza for his health I told him if he arrives here, there will be no Pizza policy but knowing my husband, he could not stand to see his daughters craving for it so I know he would finally gave in to them, he would let them eat some pizza while he will take what is approved for him. So I must tell the kids properly about the policy, I would explain it to them that their Dad could not eat it and it would be too unfair to him if he would see them enjoying the pizza. And I hope they will understand especially my youngest.

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The Coffee Drinker

Do you like coffee? Well my husband will drink 2 cups of regular coffee in the morning then a cup of decaf in the evening after dinner.  For me I will drink a cup now and them, I am not a big coffee drinker.  But for my husband I want him to eat healthier and of course drink healthier beverages.

I don’t want him drinking a lot of soft drinks even though some are unsweetened.  I would prefer he drink more organic drinks, like organo coffee.  He usually will go and buy whatever is cheap or just instant coffee, but I much prefer brewed. I think that drinking a more natural organic coffee is better for him and me, even if it may cost a little more.

Living healthier, eating better, getting more exercise and making sure that what we put in our bodies goes a long way to helping us have a better and longer life.  So even though we like coffee and don’t want to stop drinking it, I think drinking a better brand will be helpful and of course I am sure it is a better quality and will certainly taste better.  So when I want to enjoy a cup of coffee with my husband, I

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Taking Vitamins For Daily Energy

Now that my daughter is back on her training, I always made sure that she had enough Vitamin C especially when I haven’t sent her and her sister to their Doctor for Flu Vaccination yet. I also let her take the Cherifer that is for her height, I did not let her take the Memory plus since I guess two Vitamins in a day is enough for her. F is taking also the Propan that is for food supplement because she has not been eating much lately and of course Vitamin C as well. My niece since she is staying here for a while, I also let her take the Fern C. And yours truly is taking the Cosmo skin that is for food supplement, Vitamin C plus the Gluta. Don’t get me wrong I am not really aiming to have a super white skin but smooth skin will then be enough for me.

We don’t eat much veggie, so I am thankful that we had Vitamins we can depend on when we need to energize ourselves but of course there is too much difference when you will make a habit of eating veggies. Because it could boost your immune system and the like, you just have to be very careful when cleaning it because there are veggies that got lots of chemical before they harvest it.

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