Slimming Coffee VS. Slimming Tea

As I want to lose weight, my friend J suggested of buying a leisure coffee. I have tried that before and I know so well how it affects me but for the sake and the determination to lose weight, I bought it. And the agony started, my knees are trembling, sometimes I feel like I don’t have strength at all. However I still did not stop, I continued drinking it for how many days until my sister told me about a news that one brand of a slimming coffee was confiscated because of its side effects. I stopped it immediately and gave the other half to my sister.

One night, my friend and I had a foot massage, after the session, the staff offered us a green tea. It was so fulfilling, it was good, we asked about the brand but they said that the one who deals for it is their boss, so they don’t know the price at all. I realized then that the green tea is better than of the coffee that I tried days ago. Yesterday, I included the bio fit slimming tea on my list as I grocery shopped so hopefully it would help me to get rid of my flabby belly and finally lose weight.

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