Lose It In A Natural Way

I admit I was taking diet pills but those were BFAD approved. I stopped taking it because I bought a slimming coffee but then I was really having ,a hard time drinking it, I feel like my throat was so dry and my knee would bend any moment. I stopped drinking that again because it always makes my day I am depressed of something. It was a good idea that I stopped that because I had the same experience with a woman who was taking a diet pills from a Chinese store in Manila. It was effective at first she lose weight and she got slimmer. She even shared it with her sister but her sister stopped when she could not sleep anymore and she feels like she was always thirsty, her throat was also dry, her sister advised her to stop as well but it was too late. Her liver was affected with the pills that she took, she was admitted in the hospital and the Doctor advised the family for a liver transplant right away but too bad her sister was not able to have the operation anymore, she died before the opeation takes place. Thus, if you want to lose weight, it is maybe better to lose in a natural and healthy way, and one of them is by drinking hot tea.

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  1. genny says:

    have tried this tea thing, and it doesnt work out for me. i will try this again with some self-discipline. thanks for sharing.

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