At Carlyn’s Restaurant

I am so full today, right after the facial spa, I treat my niece and friend at the Carlyn’s Restaurant, it was my third time to dine there. First was when I was still working a long time ago and we were having a food trip early in the morning with my workmates, second was when I was with a friend and I told her about Carlyn’s and that was also a long time ago. So I forgot how many persons could eat in one serving, all I thought was that for one order, only one person can eat it but I was surprised when they finally served it, 2 or 3 persons can eat for one order and I ordered like 2 for me and my friend and 1 stroganoff for my niece. We ordered minatamis also; it is a banana that mixed with too much sugar. So when you go to Carlyn’s here in Davao, take note that one order is for 2 or 3 persons already. And you should try the Beef Steak Ala Pobre, as it is there specialty, you will never regret if you order it. It is P170.00 for one serving.

Anyway, even though we are already full, we tried our hardest to finish the Beef Steak Ala Pobre, and we just took home the stroganoff and some of the minatamis. Moreover, I would like to greet my niece a happy birthday, I hope I could give you smile with this simple celebration.

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    Wow.. Amazing post! Thank you very much for sharing…

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