My husband is the one who calls me every morning so I could get up on time especially Tuesday and Thursday to prepare foods for the kids. This is always my routine every morning, I have to cook rice, fried some Tocino, or nuggets or hotdogs, depending of what foods are there in the freezer. On the other hand, the freezer now is always stocked with foods unlike the previous summer; sometimes I just bought our viands at the nearest public market. But I can’t do that this time though, I always have to have foods in the freezer so I don’t need to go to the public market as every morning, I am always in a hurry. Although, I am not a good cook, but my kids love the way I fried for anything, I know it is just simple and mostly some breakfast foods are easily prepared because they were already mixed with some seasoning, my kids still appreciated my effort. Oh well, I guess they thank not the foods I am preparing but the effort as I am always the first one to get up to prepare for them. Geez, they are just so lucky. At night time, it is always my sister who would cook for our dinner, I just told her what foods she will going to cook before dinner and she will do it.

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