It Will Be On My Finger Forever

When I was about to get married yet, I was so anxious to choose wedding bands for me and for my husband but I didn’t know that my husband already bought for it even before I showed him some websites that we possibly could choose from. Although he was the one who choose our wedding bands, I was still fully satisfied with what he picked, I know there were more glamorous wedding bands for men and even for women compared of what he purchased for us but when you are in love with the man that you are marrying, no matter what style or design, could it be simple or classy wedding bands, it just doesn’t matter at all because what important to you is you are going the marry the man of your dreams. I know our wedding bands were simple but for me it is so special because the one who choose it is the one who is so special to my heart and exactly the man of my dreams. I always love him even before he proposed to me and I know this wedding band I am wearing will be on my finger forever and ever.

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