Finished 2 Cups Of Rice

I hate it when I got too hungry because I can finished 2 cups of rice just like what happen the other night after our belly dancing session. I was already starving when I fetched my daughter from her training and from there we went immediately to a BBQ house and waited for like minutes, I was so hungry that when our order came, it was not the foods that we ordered, I guess the cook mistakenly grilled a pork instead of a chicken, so we waited again until our chicken came. So without any further ado, and without any talking, we ate like there was no tomorrow and I didn’t notice that I already finished 2 cups of rice. I told my friend then that I will just drink a cup of tea when I get home but too bad, my tea bags were also finished so I feel bloated today that’s why when I went to the grocery store today, I picked up a box of tea bags, it was like 30 all in all.

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