The Venue Where We Started Our Journey Together

I could still remember when I had my engagement party back then, my friend was the one who settled the program, my husband and I choose the Garden Oasis, as I thought it was the most affordable place for the venue for our engagement party. I was only looking forward for a simple celebration but it turns out to be extraordinary. My husband suggested for games so it would be unique from other engagement party. My sisters also made some speech and my friends as well. And the most awaited part from the party was the foods, the Garden Oases staffs did a good job! They offered very sumptuous foods that everyone must enjoy, plus the kids were able to swim as well in the nearby pool. I guess, it was during my youngest daughter 4th birthday was the second party we had over there. They still had the warm approach for the guests and they always filled the foods in the table, it was such a total buffet but I guess I looked for something different this time so during 5th birthday of F, we took the Woodridge Club House. But I must say the Garden Oases has marked a very special spot in my heart because it was the venue where my fiancé before, my husband now started our journey together.

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