No Coffee At Night Please?

I guess this happened to me twice or thrice already, first was when we went to Manila two years ago, I thought my friends were drinking coffee so I prepared myself one cup then I realized later they just had oatmeal in their cup and not coffee at all. I end up with my eyes opened the whole night, and so I was groggy in the morning. My friends were laughing at me when I asked them of what they had last night because I wondered why they slept immediately after we drank coffee as I thought they had coffees in their cup, and I was like a zombie the while night. They answered they didn’t had a cup of coffee but a cup of oatmeal. So busted!

Recently, as I forgot I could not sleep if I drank coffee at nighttime, I invited my friend for a cup of coffee, I had my white mocha the cold version and she had the hot coffee. When I arrived home, I could not sleep! I was just turn and turn over to the bed but it was hopeless. And so I remember the cup of coffee we had that night. Geez!

So last night, when we went to zoofari, while she ordered a cup of coffee, I just ordered a cup of tea, flavored mint. And so last night I had my goodnight sleep!

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