Please My Husband, Hear Me

When I just delivered my youngest daughter to the world, my husband and I were looking for a car seat for her, we thought we could join him sooner that time that’s why we were looking for the most popular infant car seats but unfortunately the plan was not push through, good thing we still did not choose what car seat should be the best for her. And now F is already 4 years yet my husband still looking for comfy car seats for her, I did not buy her a car seat here because with her age, it is okay here if we will just let her seat at the back in the passenger’s seat as long as there is an adult with her to take care of her there. In my husband’s place car seats are required at any age. Regarding with him taking us to his place, we are still planning it, we are figuring out if is good for the kids to grow up there or here. Oh well, as long as we are together, here or there, it is not important at all, for me, what matters most is we live together in one roof besides the kids are already missing him so my husband please hear me, please be here.

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