Their Noble Work

During summer, expect the weather to be so hot, it is the time also that fire occurs. Some causes, were the family is on vacation and they forgot to unplug all the necessary plugs hooked to the main switch, or they forgot to unplug the iron, or the kids playing a match and the fire happens. So during this season or even all seasons, the firemen should be ready for any circumstances, their gadgets should be complete like their fire hose adapters for their hoses and the like, and should be fully equipped. I appreciated the effort that firemen has to exert just to help all the victims of fire, imagine they have to sacrifice themselves just to put off the huge fire, Their happiness is to help and to save some of the properties owned by the victims. My father was a fire volunteer before, whenever he saw fire, he has the privilege to grab a hose and help the firemen to put off the fire, that’s why I have so much believe in them. Their job is not that easy and so they deserve recognition for this noble work.

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