We Almost Finished The Lechon Up To Its Bones

Last Saturday, I was invited for a birthday party but because I wanted to avoid some circumstances that may occur on the venue, I just didn’t reply. Good thing my friend invited me again for lunch as her daughter’s real birthday is on Sunday and not on Saturday that was only a pre-celebration since her daughter’s friends from the pool and some friends would like to have a plunge in the pool at night. I messaged our other friend right away and told her we will have a free lunch at our friend’s house. She had lechon prepared for us, and when we arrived at their house, sister Irenie, and her son, Jm and F were with me at that time, just the moment we arrived, we headed immediately to the dining area to taste the crunchy lechon. While eating we also had some talks of anything and everything, and because we were talking while eating we were not able to notice the time and the foods in front of us were almost finish, the lechon only has bones on it because we finished all the meat. If her sister did not arrive we could have stayed longer and finished even the bones, thank GOD we were rescued. LOL!

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