What Can You Get From Green Mangoes?

I sometimes love to eat green mangoes; some women who are pregnant, green mangoes are their favorite to eat every morning. I am not sure if the western women love that when pregnant. Some of us also want to eat green mangoes when their period is approaching. But me, I eat when I love to, lol and I guess my eldest daughter got that from me, the love of green mango.

What can you get of eating green mango? Oh well, here are the benefits you can get if you will not abused it.

  • Vitamin C
  • For people who have anemia
  • It can also help the liver in secreting bile acids
  • It can also fight bacterial infections and internal cleansing.

Why I mentioned “abused” because too much of it can cause stomachache and if you eat green mango, make sure you are already done with your meal otherwise you will end up having ulcer and vomiting.


Here’s the mango that we bought at the beach last Monday, it surely tempting but geez with this one only, it cost us already P45.00, it is like you are buying 1 kilo of mango in downtown area. Oh well, it is at one of the private beaches here so for one mango it would really cost a fortune.

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13 Responses to “What Can You Get From Green Mangoes?”

  1. Franc Ramon says:

    I also love to eat green mangoes as sometimes we need a to satisfy our sour taste buds. You are correct that this should be eaten in moderation as our tummy can only tolerate so much.

  2. While it is good to eat them the way it is presented in the post, shakes can also be a perfect alternative πŸ™‚ I love having green mango shakes.

  3. Pepper Tan says:

    I miss eating green mangoes with bagoong. I might get myself some this weekend πŸ™‚

  4. violy says:

    you just made my day! πŸ˜‰ The only fruit that I like the best is green mango and my mom always tell me that there is no nutrition from it, and I’m lazy to research.. hehe. meron pala! yey! πŸ˜‰ happy!

  5. Koko says:

    just simply looking at the green mangoes with bagoong… makes me crave for it… with health benefits or not, ill dig in to this anytime of the day… LOL but its good to know useful and valuable infomation.. and yes… eat in moderation, i guess

  6. Ness says:

    Have you tried the Mango-ong in some malls in the metro? Its soo delicious. haha!

  7. My absolute favorite is green mango shake and to think that I initially thought that a sour fruit wouldn’t work as a shake.

  8. ralph says:

    my saliva’s dripping… just thinking of it.. LOL. the mangoes already a treat… more, the benefits it brings. Yahweh bless.

  9. Adeline says:

    I’ve also read that green mangoes are full of anti-oxidants which helps flush out toxins and free radicals from our bodies. Just another reason why I love them!

  10. I love to eat green mangoes… In addition, green mangoes can regulate blood circulation and may lower bad cholesterol.

  11. maritel says:

    I love green mangoes, especially with shrimp bagoong…oops that bagoong will negate the good effects…hehehe

  12. levy says:

    I love Green Mango shake too just like ate Teresa πŸ™‚ I learned a lot from this post

  13. Franc Ramon says:

    Green Mango is one of my favorites when I go to the province since it can really go well with other food.

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