Easy To Cook Breakfast

I know it is also not right to prepare easy to cook breakfast, but how can we avoid that when I sleep too late at night. So to catch up the time because I woke up late and my eldest could still bring lunch at school, I would always buy nuggets, hotdogs, bacon and eggs. Those foods are easy to cook, I could even wash our car or wash our dishes or even do the laundry while cooking these kind of breakfast.

My friend once told me that her mom, the grandma of her daughters is really trying to cook vegetables at breakfast. I feel so envious with how she was keen about vegetables. The kids grow up loving all the veggies that their grandma cooked for them. How I wish, I am patient to cook vegetables, slicing the meat and the veggies takes a lot of time, oh well at least for me.

The worst now, when I am out and I forget to tell my sister what to cook at night, the hotdogs became our dinner. See how unhealthy our life is, sigh how I wish my husband is here because I know he would cook healthy meals for us.

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