That Cake And The Daiquiri

When I was still working in a mall years and years ago, a friend gave me a cake. When I first tasted it, I was amazed because I tasted rum on it. It was only a little; you could not even notice it when you eat the cake full but even so you will know there’s a little rum on it.

I just remember that cake, which has a taste of rum when my friend orders the Daiquiri; it has color red since she ordered the strawberry flavor. I asked her if it was a wine, she said it is not and she let me taste it. There’s rum on it, I exclaimed so I refused to drink more, I know I will get tipsy if I will drink more and since I am driving, I have to say no.

Daiquiri is an appetizer drink, it is good when you are in a small gathering or in a social crowd; it will not get your really drunk but just a little tipsy. My husband and I have researched the ingredients online, it has different of mixes depending on the flavor that you like but it always has rum on it., I will post the ingredients of strawberry some other day.

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