Not Eating Much, Sigh!

I was so worried of my youngest last Sunday; she was not eating much in the morning since we were in a hurry to go to church so we can attend the birthday party of my friend in the afternoon.

As usual we brought water for her so in case she will get thirsty; we have water in an instant. I just told myself then, maybe a pizza before we headed to the house of friend will be a great idea. I was hoping she would eat some pizza after church. I know she was already starving as what she told me at church.

But when we arrive at Greenwich, she did not eat pizza instead she seriously focusing on the sundae and the soft drink. I have forced her to eat pizza but she was too picky, she just ate the toppings.

We went out with disappointment; my friends came over already to go to the house of my other friend. My friend’s house was too far so I gave them a hitch to get to our friend’s place.

Dinner time, I tried my best to let my youngest eat. She ate some thank GOD but I know it was not enough then. Sigh! She’s really not eating much that Sunday, and oh I need to buy her the food supplement vitamins today. Haaaayyy!!!

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