Lunch Treat Or School Program?

My friend invited me for lunch today but my daughter has a school program that I’d like to attend to although my daughter said it is okay for her if I can’t attend, she can manage everything from make up down to her costume. I know the lunch would be something tasty because she plans to have the lunch treat at Zabadani, it is special since her fiancé just arrived last Sunday but I am still trying to think which one should I go, the sumptuous lunch or the school program of my daughter. Darn, why it has to be this way, why it has to come up at the same time. LOL! I really have to think about this dilemma; I hope I can come up with fair decision.

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  1. Natalie says:

    Your daughter is really nice and sweet your lucky that she had you…Thanks for sharing your inspiring story..

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