If Only My Parents Are Here

My parents died when I was just a kid, so literally, I was not able to experience to be taken cared of and pampered by my parents when I was growing up. If they are still alive maybe my Mom is already 80 to 90 years old, and Dad is the same, they are maybe here at home and with us. I know they are already old, and with that, I am certainly will care for them. I would buy them what they want, I make them feel that they are special; I make them assure that they have the best in life from the disposable incontinence bed pads down to little basic things.


When I visited the mom of my friend who suffered from cancer, I could see how she was being pampered by her only daughter and even she is already bed ridden they made sure that they are changing the bed sheets oftentimes, they bathe her even she was only lying down and they feed her without any complain at all since her Mom got messed up sometimes when she eats. It reminds me of my Mom, and wished that she is here with us. As I thought about them, I also wonder if my children would care for me if I get sick, would they patient enough to feed me and change my bed sheets. Some others said when one gets old, they are easily get irritated and they complain a lot, I wonder if my kids would always understand me.

I hope they will still love me as much as I love them, how I wish they would care for me until I die. And how I wish when I die, they could already stand with their own feet and have work so they can survive without me.

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