Sleeping And Eating When Depressed

I am so depressed right now, whatever it is, and I just keep it to myself. It is better that way so there will be no talk of the town that would go around. And whenever I feel depressed, I always want to sleep so to forget everything and when I woke up, I would cry in silent so my kids could not hear it. Then I crave for any kinds of foods in the table, I will get hungry and I know that is not healthy but I can’t help it. I don’t know when this will end; I have money and can buy anything, oh well not anything, anything. It is enough to support our daily needs here but it is not the money that I am whining about here, it is more than that. Sometimes I would think I have done something big to deserve this depression. Definitely, I am tired.

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One Response to “Sleeping And Eating When Depressed”

  1. it’s okey to feel sad at times, and you have a good coping by way of sleeping and eating what you want… If it comforts you not to tell anyone about what bothers you then, maybe that’s your best way of dealing your depression, but you know it is still better to share and confide with someone to lighten up the burden and heavy feelings.

    reading your previous post before this, looks like you’re missing your parents. Is that one thing that makes you feel sad?

    Cheer up sis!

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