My Best Friend And Her Brother

My best friend in college knew how to play guitar, her brother taught her how to strum with her finger on their guitar. I enjoyed every strum of my best friend whenever she played one song, I was giggling while wishing for myself to learn how to play but whenever my best friend taught me, she gets too frustrated because my fingers are short. Later on, she gets the advance lesson and tried to learn acoustic guitar, I was just not sure if she took her lesson from a professional or maybe it was her brother again who taught her how, I wonder if her brother is part of the gibson acoustic musicians friend because he could really teach his sister so well. But I haven’t asked him to teach me how, I am hopeless, I really just don’t know how to strum. I could sing but the song doesn’t like me, no matter how I practiced, my voice just doesn’t work out right. My daughters are lucky because they could go to a musical school on summer; they have thanked me for that because I always supported their activity outside school. They have been good anyway, so they deserve a treat.

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