Beef Tapa In Replaced Of Pigar Pigar

I miss the pigar pigar in Dagupan; it’s their special delicacy. And so when I went to the grocery the other day to shop, I found the beef tapa specialized in Pangasinan and it looks like the pigar pigar I’d been craving about. So I cooked it this morning, hoping it would at least the one I had in Dagupan. Oh well it looks like it when it was cooked but the taste is too far beyond compare of the pigar pigar. Geez I missed that delicacy, I always wish we have that kind here in Davao but I know I can’t have that unless if they would put it in a packed mixed it with preservatives yet even so, it is still quiet delish if we had the fresh pigar pigar served hot in our table.

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