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Thanks For The Noodles

Last Sunday, we had a late lunch at Mang Inasal in SM Lanang; we thought that since it was really very late, our dinner was answered also. My sister jokingly told me that we just have to put Faith to bed early so she won’t get starves.

We arrived home at 6:00 p.m., and yeah I put Faith to bed immediately after she washed up. But it has been like 2 hours already that she lie down in bed and she could not sleep, later she told me “Mama, I’m hungry, I’m wee wee hungry, I want to eat. I even asked her twice and she answered me the same, I thought maybe she was just trying to fool around because she wanted to go to other bedroom to play with her Ate Mj. But with her pleading, I gave in; I have Mariel cooked rice for her while I cooked noodles. Good thing, I dropped by at the small grocery store to buy some canned goods and one noodle in which we can cook right away in case the little teapot will be hungry.

While we prepared for her dinner, she told me “thank you mama” that really made my night. Thanks for the noodles. LOL!

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