Gusteau’s Restaurant

When we went back from Gen San, my youngest daughter’s cough got worst. I have to tell my sister to make her absent from school so we can bring her to her Doctor. The pneumonia in some cases does not you have any fever, just cough and colds, although Faith only has colds, it is still better to have her check before anything gets even worst. Faith was the only one in the clinic who was active; the Doctor teased her that among the sick kids outside, she is the only hyper. Faith just smiled and just told the Doctor that she was coughing.

The Doctor heard a wheezing sound on her chest, so the Doctor gave her Asmalin and Anti-biotic. Right after we bought her medicines, we went to the restaurant at the mall, and ordered this foods below plus seafoods. The first one was Lechon Kawali and the second photo is the spicy prawn.

At the Gusteau’s restaurant, there are many variety of meals you could choose for. Although it is a little bit expensive but its all worth it. You may want to try the spicy prawn, it is so delish and very flavorful.


Lechon Kawali


Spicy Prawn

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  1. Swexie says:

    I’ve heard that Gusteau’s serves delectable crab recipes. I’ve been planning to go there but my allergies just don’t permit me to eat seafood right now.

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