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A Dinner Treat From My Friend On My Birthday

I was surprised when my friend told me she would treat me, my dinner on my birthday and take note, we dined in a hotel, which the foods are not only fabulous but expensive as well. It was so rainy at that time, my car was even broke down on our way there and that we have to wait for my mechanic to rescue the car so we can go ahead and has fun.

The Entree restaurant is not that crowded at that time, I think we were the second customers when we entered the restaurant and the moment we sat in their comfortable chairs we immediately went to the buffet table to get our favorite food. Geez I could not help but to get first the prawns that were lined up there, I never mind at all my asthma allergies.

There were many foods you can choose at the buffet table in the Entree and since it was dinner, all the foods were so delish. Usually, they prepared more varieties foods in dinner than of breakfast, oh well at least that is what I observed of. I missed the chicken cordon so that’s been one of my firsts for my main dish. I was so full, when I realized that since it is my birthday and as a member of the Diamond Club, I have the privileged to have a wine for free on my birthday. We immediately grabbed the opportunity, and unfortunately I got drunk, I mean who would not get drunk when the serving was 3:1. LOL. All in all my birthday went fine, I had so much fun and I should say thank you to my friend Cheryl for the treat, I really feel so loved at that time.


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Pneumatic Tools

When my husband first joined the navy, he told me that his ship was in dry dock and as a crew member he had to do a lot of work in getting the ship ready to go back to sea.  One of the things he mentioned was his used of pneumatic tools and how much easier they made it to do the work. He said he used pneumatic air gun to chip paint, and with a different attachment to chip tile.  Without pneumatic tools, the job would have taken much longer.  He mentioned that pneumatic tools were safe and with a minimum of training, extremely easy to use.

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Small Celebration On My Birthday

Just this week, I celebrated my birthday. We had a small gathering in DCAA at DMMA after the competition; I ordered some foods since I don’t really know how to cook. My friend recommended someone to cater with the foods, it is good because it is affordable and not to mention that they got the best cook ever. The foods were delivered just before lunch, so we had time to arrange the packs, and after a while, we munch the foods that the caterer had for us. We had Buttered Chicken, Bihon, Kinilaw, Lechon Kawali and Moist Cake.   It was simple but I hope the team enjoyed the food I have for them.

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