A Relief From My Aching Muscles

I am a very busy woman, and there are times that taking care of the kids leaves me with aching muscles and joints.   If it’s not driving one to swimming practice or taking them to school, it is helping them with projects and basically chasing the youngest around the house and in the mall when we go out.  They are good kids but they really wear me out at times.  When I get muscle aches and joint pains I want to use a good ointment to relieve my pain, something like traumeel.  Traumeel, will help me to relax and provide me relief from my aching muscles. Sometimes, I could think of having a little vacation alone, maybe that would help me to relax as well, my friend keeps on inviting me but I just can’t leave the kids at home with their Auntie, it is not that I don’t trust my sister but my guilt is mocking me. I will not be at peace in the end at all.

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