Small Gathering Inside Our Village

When the kids joined the trick or treat inside the village, one of the staffs told my sister that if we could join their small gatherings on October 30, they will be telling us about the plan for putting up a small chapel for the village. Small gatherings would we have to bring foods in the clubhouse and together with other members we are going to eat our dinner after the prayer. My sister prepared the Kinilaw Malasugue and Fried Chicken, right after Faith’s school. I was not able to help the preparation because I was so sleepy from sleeping late last night. I am always thankful that my sister is here for us ready to assists anytime. So after she prepared for our foods, the kids change their clothes and off we went to the clubhouse with our “Baon“. The gathering started with the procession of our “Virgin Mary” around the village. The staffs put some candles in the floor and lit it just before the holy rosary started.

Right after the prayer was finished the President explained the costing of the chapel. He said that the chapel flooring area is 150 sqm, and to put up a chapel, the expenses will be up to P450, 000. If we assumed that the members are up to 150, each house could donate P3, 000 pesos per sqm but if P3, 000 is too heavy for us then they can divide it for 3 years since it could take 3 years to put up a chapel that we desired. The members agreed with the costing of the chapel and since the kids were already hungry, right after the President signaled for a go sign that we could now eat; the kids hurriedly went to get some foods.

It was a nice gathering for all the residents here in our village, the kids had so much fun running around the ground. I was able to know some neighbors whom I didn’t know before. My sister who lives in Phase 1 was also there; she was able to introduce me to some of her friends. The foods were share so we don’t only have kinilaw and fried chicken in our table but a lot more. We even brought a sweet Pineapple and Banana back to our house from one of the members in the clubhouse, so even though we did not go out today yesterday and Mj and I were already bored staying in the house the whole day, in the latter we smiled our might for seeing different things around us and not only the water in the pool as we always face that everyday in our lives. Today, we will be going out again for Kumon session and training, I will also shop for foods for the upcoming All Souls Day.

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