Rice Cake And Butterscotch

Yesterday, my sister went out early to buy some ingredients for the rice cake; it took her an hour to gather all the ingredients. The kids were waiting patiently and when it was done, they all gathered together in the dining area. Mj shaped her rice cake a heart Faith was amused. She called me then and told me that Mj has a heart on her plate. The whole ingredients cost me P150.00 and the ingredients were glutinous rice, coconut milk, and brown sugar.


The night before the All Souls Day, I messaged my friend whose business is selling a  butterscotch, moist cakes, cup cakes and all the sweet you can think of. I had been patronizing her products since we met, I could not passed any occasion without ordering her sweets homemade cakes. I thought I could not make it, because that was the last hour that I placed an order for butterscotch. When she received my messaged, she texted me immediately, and my order was all set. Yesterday morning, I received a message from her that I could now get the butterscotch. And since I planned to grocery shop yesterday, I dropped by at their house to get it. One box of butterscotch cost me like P240.00 I ordered two boxes. If you want to have a taste of her homemade cakes, just messaged me here.


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  1. Gagay says:

    lami-a ani te oi! makatulo laway…tsk tsk tsk

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