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Don’t Be Fooled With The Signage

That was after we visited our Dad in the cemetery, I drove the family to the mall to have dinner. I wanted something that they didn’t tried yet, my brother-in-law suggested the outback grill near where Mj had her training everyday but it was raining at that time, and he only used his motorcycle, Mj and his son took the back ride because we do not have enough space anymore for them in my car.

I looked for a buffet restaurant  and so I saw this restaurant that says P199.00 per head, thus I hurriedly asked the family to go inside. I asked the waiter to accommodate us in our table so the kids could settle already. But then when I looked at the foods, I didn’t recognize any of them, even one! I was taken aback but I know I can’t do it because the waiter is already asking the kids and my sisters what do they like. I just told the waiter instead to guide us what to pick since we don’t know anything of it.

The foods were served, they tasted okay but I was not satisfied. I was imagining a grilled cat fish on our table, the foods that they served were always had noodles on it. Mariel, my niece said it was flavorful; my brother-in-law finished his share but not some of us. This is a lesson learn for me never to get attracted with the eat all you can signage, first and foremost I should have check what kinds of dishes on the buffet table. LOL!

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