Pears, Cabbage And Berries Can Be A Remedy For Diabetic

My husband is prone to diabetic so we are trying our best for him to get the healthy diet. If I only knew what foods that is good for diabetic, we could have prevented the illness of my Dad. There are natural goodies that you could eat without worrying in the end. Pears for example are rich in potassium and fibre, yet it is low in carbohydrates. You can add pear in your bowl and combine it with spinach. Although veggies and fruits are good for you yet they still contain some sugar and carbohydrates. So you still have to have a regular check with your nutritionist before you do a major diet.

Cabbage is also good for diabetic because it has a low glycaemic index of 10. It is also very rich of Vitamin C and K, but you still have to be careful on the fat that the cabbage has.

Berries are also rich in vitamins; fibre and not only that; they are also rich of antioxidant and are low carb. Could it be red strawberries or blue berries, anything so include these fruits in your breakfast or simply just munch it during snacks and you will do well.


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