Enhances Our Enjoyment For The Music While Eating Dinner

When you listen to music, do you listen to the words, the rhythm or the beat of the drums?  I love to listen to music.  Some music makes me want to sing along, some makes me feel like dancing and some just relaxes me.  My daughters both love music, but their tastes in music is different.  Recently my husband went to a restaurant to have dinner,  the restaurant  then  played Latin music,  he just loved  listening to Latin music and really likes the beat and tempo.  He finds Latin percussion interesting and fun to listen to.  Things like the v specialty percussion instrument, really add the sound quality and enhances our enjoyment of the music.  He has gotten me interested in Latin music, especially the music of the Caribbean, Columbia and Ecuador. It was a fine dinner indeed because he was able to listen to some songs while enjoying his food. How I wish we were there to enjoy it with him.

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