Fine Dinner With Coach On Christmas?

As you all know my daughter is a swimmer and now since giving gifts on Christmas is fast approaching, my daughter is confused what to give to his coach. She was thinking to treat her coach in a fine restaurant near at the pool together with the team but she needs to have a huge budget for that and her savings are not enough yet because she used some of it for her Polaroid Camera. Yes, it would be a good idea and a nice bonding to eat at the restaurant that was just open recently. She asked me some coaches gift ideas but I also don’t have any idea what to give to his coach, if only he is also a coach of Footballs maybe I would recommend my daughter to just give him some personalized bats or personalized trophies with his picture on it. It would be fun seeing his coach in a trophy but no he only coaches swimming so we have to make a canvass for a nice gift for him.

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