Minimizing My Grocery Expense

It was funny that whenever I see my sister in the grocery store, I always end up putting out some of the things I shopped.

It started when we went to VP to grocery shop; she only shopped for few items while I shopped that almost full my cart. Later, when I checked the money inside my wallet, I found out that I didn’t have enough funds, so I ended taking some items out of my cart to cut off the expenses. I don’t have credit card so nothing could save me from paying all those stuffs I put in my push cart.

Today, I went to a nearby grocery store; I need to shop for our snacks for tomorrow’s field trip. Later I saw my sister again, she even kid me that she would put her items to my basket so I will be the one to pay for it, later I started to put out some things again from my basket, my sister was laughing, she told me I was embarrassing and I answered maybe she was the reason why I would remember to minimize my expenses for grocery. LOL

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