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My Friend’s Birthday Celebrated At Claude’s Restaurant

It is really good to have a friend who knows you inside out, you can be silly and she won’t get embarrassed, you can laugh out loud with your throat visible in front of her and she doesn’t care, and would understand you if you can’t get to go with her in the mall because you were busy with being a Mom and even if you are not seeing each other like months she is still there for you, no matter what.

It was my friend’s birthday on November 19, and I invited her for dinner at Claude’s, it is not that because she treat me on my birthday at Apo View and I am obliged to repay the gesture, nope it is not like that. I already thought to treat her like months ago when she told me that she like to experience having dinner there, so that gives me an idea. She tried her best to tag me there but I always refused her because it will just spoil my idea. I mean it would be nice if we have our first meal experience on her natal day, right?

So after our movie date, we went to Claude’s immediately. The restaurant, if you would see it from afar, it does looked like an antique house, the infrastructure is made of wood and even the floor was made of wood! So when you enter the place, it would be like you are entering an antique house, it would remind you of the old days of Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio, but of course the house or the restaurant is developed and modernized already. The assistant who is a foreigner, I am just not sure if he is a white American or British, accommodates us immediately, he offered us a table for two and asked the waiter to attend our order.

My friend ordered their one of their specialty and that’s the rib eye while I ordered the tenderloin plus of course rice, oh well the meal will not be completed without rice although my husband suggested taters for a change yet he can’t win, Filipinos love rice! While they prepared our meal and our dessert, they gave us a wheat bread and salsa sauce. We ate some but of course we should not eat the whole wheat bread because I am afraid we will get full so easily we must reserve our tummy for the sumptuous dinner.


This is the rib eye steak that my friend ordered, as I said I had the tenderloin, we just did not take a picture of it since it has the same image as the picture above.



Mine is the tropical fruit salad that I was not able to finish and I ended up taking some of the left over home. My eldest daughter was very happy to see it and finish it all. My friend had the cheese cake with varieties of topping; it has the strawberry, the blueberry and the other one, which I forgot.


Later, after dinner, we went for a walk in the park.

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