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Wishing For A Stove Oven Early Next Year

My niece and I were talking about baking the other day while we watched that reality show in TV. The reality show is for those who have the skills to bake any different cakes; we were amazed of that cake that has those famous buildings all over the world. They had the twin tower, the Las Vegas tower and the like.

I enrolled myself in baking class before, I have learned some but it would be more advantage if we have an oven so I can practice what I have learned from the class. My niece could not forget the Brazo de Mercedes I brought to the house; we have to bake a Brazo de Mercedes on that day of course it is with the assistance of our teacher. The dessert I brought home was not commercialized at all so you can really enjoy every pieces of it.

How I wish, one day I could have an oven of my own so I can at least bake varieties of cakes, even just a simple moist cake would be great already. Oh well, I am planning to buy a stove with oven next year that is the next thing I will buy after I purchase a new bigger refrigerator, I hope I can accomplished it early next year.

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