How Can I Resist The Temptation Of Drinking Soda

Yes when my friends arrived here at home, I asked my daughter to buy soft drink immediately and before I know it, I already finished like 10 glass of coke. I know it is not healthy at all and more than anything I don’t need to end up having the cardiac arrhythmia. Cardiac Arryhythmia is the irregular heartbeat of a heart and it may lead to cardiac arrest. Too much caffeine could make you palpitate too much and aside from this threat, it will also make me gain weight or make my tummy bulging out. Sigh, I just can’t resist the temptation of this soft drink and grrr I had been drinking lots this week. I guess I should have to slow down so for this month, no coke policy but oh, Christmas is just so fast approaching, again how can I resist it?

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