Eating Lemon As Raw

I bought some lemon two weeks ago to supposedly mixed it with juice. But I was not able to buy a Mott’s juice but a Rauch juice and again I didn’t expect that I will not like the taste of the Rauch. And as usual when we don’t like stuffs it will stay inside the freezer until it will get spoiled. My friend went here yesterday and I don’t have any fruits I could offer to her but the 3 lemons that were stock inside the freezer for 2 weeks now.

My friend sliced it of course with style as she is expert on that as she is majoring Hotel Restaurant and Management. She told me to put some salt and together we munch it. It is so sourly, it is even more sourly than of a green mango but geez we love it, my daughter loves it, it would really marked in our faces how sour the lemon was. Thank to my friend because the 3 lemons were useful to our taste buds. I think I will have to buy more lemons to enjoy eating as raw. I know this is sounds weird to you but oh my god I really love the taste of it.

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