Too Bland

After the massage yesterday, my friend and I went to Dencias restaurant. We supposed to go home immediately but we smell something delicious in the side walk and surely it was too tempting. And so we decided to drop by at the restaurant, we do not like to eat meat so we ordered a Sinigang Lapu Lapu and Inihaw na Tanguige, I am not sure if I spelled it right. We were somewhat tired from the massage because the masseuse was too hard. When we are finish, it seems like something had punched me over, anyway that was done so it would be better if we will just forget about it and enjoy our food. But the moment the dinner was served, the Sinigang does not have a taste at all, it is just so bland. I was not sure though if it was because I don’t feel well as I kept on sneezing during the massage and so I asked my friend of the taste, and she answered me the same thing. Sigh, we could have ordered the Tsunami chicken in the side walk though just to fill in our craving. Next time we should listen to our instinct.

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  1. tx sweetie says:

    asinan jud unta to ninyo atubangan sa serbidora ba hehe… basin lami natos ilang dila day…

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