Grab A Crab in SM Annex

We were hunting a restaurant when went to SM one day and as we roamed around we spotted a Grab a Crab in SM Annex. I didn’t expect they are already open in SM annex, the last time I ate in Grab a Crab restaurant was at Abreeza Mall.


I know that eating crabs would trigger my asthma but I didn’t regret I have a taste on it again last week even though my asthma attacked me all so sudden that I almost got admitted in the hospital. I would regret not eating it and my asthma would still attack me.


Here’s the crab that we ordered, it weigh 400 kilo flat. My friend and I shared this one together. It has decadent pleasures in every bite of its meat. I even ordered one more rice for this.


Aside from the platter of crab, we also ordered pork liempo.

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  1. Nakakagutopm naman yan Mommy!

    Out of topic. You may join the giveaway pala if you want then if you win, you can give me your hub’s address and the prize will be delivered there. Pasend mo na lang kay F hehehe..

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