Buying, Preparing, Roasting And Eating At Home

We just had so much fun today, early this morning I told my niece she should be going home because I will be frying a Tilapia with tomatoes and soy sauce for a dip. My niece will be heading at school later in the afternoon for her exam and she was also craving for a fried Tilapia. After she went off to school, I dragged my youngest daughter to the nearby wet market but we could not see any Tilapia but just a Barilison perfect only for roasting. So instead of a Fried Tilapia and tomatoes, I bought the 2 pcs of Barilison, cucumber and tomatoes.

When Faith and I arrived home, I immediately told my sister to prepare stuffs for roasting. My eldest daughter Mj was the one who sliced the cucumber and tomatoes, as Faith was trying to help me guard the fish outside while it was already on top of a hot charcoal while I was inside the house to fix her toys she just played the moment we went home. Later I joined Faith outside; she was so keen on eyeing some cats trying to steal our fishes. Good job Faith!

After the fish was cooked, we gather together in the table. My niece just went home and was wondering why it was not the Tilapia at all, but she was so full and satisfied after she ate her share. My nephew came to visit and he was able to have a blast together with his cousins. Mj also bought 2 bottles of cokes for all of us. It was a simple dinner at home and yet we had so much fun buying, preparing, cooking and later eating.

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