Kimbap Of My Niece

I was so surprised when Mariel said she want to cook something special for the Holiday, because usually she will just depend the cooking for us and mostly she will just spend her time in front of her computer. But this time she did and cooked the amazing Kimbap on New Year, I haven’t tried the Kimbap before and it was only her who introduced that to me when she asked if I could buy the ingredients for her. She was able to look for the ingredients and the instructions needed online. Just like last Christmas, we went to Arirang again and purchased the ingredients. I was amazed that even the labels were in foreign language my niece was still able to recognize what those are for. And of course, after we picked the ingredients, we also buy the ice cream made from Korea; I tell you it was so yummy and so flavourful.

The ingredients were fried; the only hard was the wrapper because it was delicate. My niece was not able to cut it perfectly so I need to help her so it won’t mess up. Good thing, I did it successfully! The result of the Kimbap was the picture below


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