How Can I Resist You Crabs And Prawns?

Last December after I ate crabs, my allergy strikes me again. I saw some red spots on my skin, which I ignore because if I won’t I will just feel itchy. And I don’t want to bug my friend who was trying to find some clothes she want to buy. After like a few days, I can hear the whizzing sounds from my chest again and later I was already trying to catch my breath. I went to my Doctor again and he reprimanded me again and again that if my asthma would strike, I should go to his clinic immediately to avoid admission. Yes, I was almost admitted to the hospital on that day but I refused and asked the Doctor if he could give me some medicine for my asthma. He was hesitant at first and instructed me once I can’t breathe anymore I should go to the hospital the soonest possible time. I was relieved that I was still alive the next day after the check-up.

Then I ate prawn after the New Year and after I ate lots of prawn, suddenly I feel like my blood is gusting up to my brain. I was dizzy that I want to sleep immediately. I rested for hours but my head was still aching, and I was not comfortable at all. I was hurrying up to go home since I was eating that prawns at my sister’s house, I needed an air puff immediately to feel at ease and so my breathing would calm.

From now on, I should avoid eating prawns and crabs but the question is how can I avoid them when those are my favorites? Sigh!

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