Eating Non-Stop For A Weather Like This

When the weather is cold like this, it is definitely tempting to stay in the kitchen and eat more. Oh, dieting nowadays does not work because of the weather. I love to have more cuddle in my bed or buy some down jackets for women while having my brunch with my youngest. Good thing I was able to buy a coffee in can yesterday, I am drinking that right now. It helps me to wake up while writing an update with my journal online. The school starts today, so we are back to normal. My husband woke me up at 6:00 a.m., for me to prepare the kids breakfast. I just fried some hotdogs because we already had fried chicken from last night. Both my teens are already off to school, soon Faith will be off to school too now I will be left again here at home doing all the house chores.

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6 Responses to “Eating Non-Stop For A Weather Like This”

  1. Carizza says:

    hahaha same here, i cant stop myself from chocolates and potchi!

  2. Clare says:

    Me too especially when I don’t have much to do and i have extra money. lol.

  3. lanie says:

    I love to eat during the weather is cold and rainy days. I love to cook soap and champorado :-).

  4. lanie says:

    sorry for my first comment kindly delete! not soap it’s a soup 🙁
    I love to eat during the weather is cold and rainy days. I love to cook soup and champorado .

  5. ralph says:

    well at least ice cream wont be one of your cravings on a cold weather… can have fresh fruits like apple, honey dew and watermelon.Yahweh bless

  6. When it is very cold Mie Anne, all I want is sit infront of the fireplace and drink coffee or hot cocoa and hope to update my blog 🙂 It always end my time with the FB 🙂

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