I Am Back To My Biofit Tea

I did not despise myself of eating a lot last holiday no matter what they say. When I say, I eat lots, I really mean non-stop and that includes of drinking lots of soda as well. It was before Christmas when my friend said I am losing weight and the next time she saw me, she said I look like a balloon already and guess what we only did not see for like a week and here I am being big again.

I know so well that Biofit is really effective for losing weight; it is because when you drink a cup of tea in the evening before going to bed, the next morning you would surely go to the bathroom. Ya know what I mean, and it is because the laxative contained in the bag of tea. It has been 3 nights now that I drank a cup of tea before bedtime and I like it because in the morning, I will have no more constipation and I feel so light after the success. I also have another tea here and that is the Twinning, which has a flavour of ginger and lemon, it is good especially if you have cough or throat problems. Anyway, I will try to drink a Biofit tea in a week or two then the next week, I will drink it alternately like a cup of Twinnings tonight then the next night would be the Biofit. I hope this year I could really lose weight, crossing my fingers to that.

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