Our Love For Popcorn

My family loves movies.  Guess what else we love that goes with movies?  If you guessed popcorn you are right.  We cannot watch a movie at home or in the theater without having some popcorn.  My husband would rather eat popcorn than rice.  There are times when that would be his lunch if I would let him get away with it.  My little one likes to flavor her popcorn, but my husband would just as soon put melted butter on it.  He says that is the best way to eat it.

 So when we make popcorn at home we usually make more than the four of us can eat.  But my husband and kids always want to know where the popcorn supplies are.  He does not let the youngest cook it, but she loves to listen to the popping sound when it is being prepared.  We prefer homemade popcorn and think that microwave popcorn is not as good.

My husband will eat popcorn even if he burns some of it.  He says he just will not eat the burned kernels, but I think he will eat some of them if they are no charred, lol.  Well when we sit down as a family to watch a movie, you can be sure that 9 times out of 10 we will be eating popcorn.

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6 Responses to “Our Love For Popcorn”

  1. Mai says:

    oh, i love popcorn too! i like them buttered, toasted and burnt. having popcorn while watching a movie definitely adds something to the experience.

  2. Ria C says:

    Oh my! I and my family (from my dad, brother, nephews, nieces, own daughter!) love eating popcorn. I always choose the buttery ones and the cheese flavored too. My daughter likes the original butter flavor. This snack really never grows old!

  3. papaleng says:

    Popcorn and movie, I have a lot of funny experiences to savor.. I simply love my popcorn in cheese flavor.

  4. Me and my daughter love popcorn as wel. My boys are not fond of it.

  5. Rcel says:

    I love popcorn as well but not as much as my daughter does. She regularly requests some from me and would munch on them while reading a book. Yep, a book, not watching a movie. LOL.

  6. Dhemz says:

    we too love popcorn..that’s why we bought some popcorn packets for friday movie nights.

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