Symbols Of Fruits In New Year

Ever since, I always saw my sisters gathering circle fruits every New Year. But I never get to understand what it has to do for us, I am just contented with they always said that if you have 12 or 13 circles of fruits in the New Year on your table you will get lucky the whole year or you will be abundant financially in the coming year. I adopted the tradition somehow when I separated from my sisters and put up a house with my kids. Yet, my curiosity raises just this New Year of what is the meaning of each fruits in the table. The symbols of fruits are as follows.

Orange: Good Fortune.

Mandarin: In Cantonese, it means gold.

Melons: These fruits are symbolic for family unity.

Banana: Brilliance in work and or school.

Apple: It symbolizes peace.

Apricots: Meaning a beautiful woman.

Peach: Is the symbol of immortality.

Grapes: Symbolizes abundant of foods.

Pineapple: Means there’s a good luck coming your way.

Pomegranate: Symbolizes fertility.

Tangerine: Also means luck.

Pomelos: Also symbolizes abundance

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