They Provide A Venue To Learn And Support Cancer Research

I cannot think of one person that I know who does not have a friend or relative that has been affected by cancer.  It always saddens me when I hear that somebody I know has been stricken with any form of cancer.  It is just tragic.  I have always been told that early detection is the best way to combat it.  My husband encourages me to get a pap smear and breast exam every year, since it is recommended for women my age.

I am curious about cancer research and the funading for such research.  I know that someday a cure will be found and the better funded the research, there is a better chance of finding a cure sooner rather than later.  Places like, provide you a venue to learn about and support cancer research.  I want to know what is going on and what new advancements there are in the treatment of this deadly disease.

I want to know that if a friend or relative is stricken with cancer that there is a cure out there.  I have two daughters and it would be great to think of them growing up in a world where cancer is no longer a threat.

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