Soup Ribs For Dinner On A Rainy Day

It is raining so much today, and so when I went out with my eldest to grocery shop. I thought that a hot ribs soup is perfect for this kind of weather. So I picked up like 8 pieces of ribs in the nearby grocery shop. We supposed to go out today but we choose not since the weather is really not good and there are areas that are flooded today. I almost changed my mind to just buy a ready-made dinner but I really wanted to sip a soup and so I choose the latter. I do not usually cook soup ribs, usually my sister does it but since she is not here because it is Sunday, I shall be the one to cook for dinner.

I boiled the ribs for like 15 to 30 minutes, and then I followed the Pechay and Carlang, then the Red bell pepper and Onion. I left it for another 30 minutes so the ribs would really be soften. After it cooked, I asked the kids to prepare and so we could eat together. I was so happy when the kids the soup ribs are tasty. It is not maybe the best but I know I was able to feed them and have their tummy filled.

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